The Aim

Identify the spiritual, physical, mental, and social needs of families and its members, and provide resources, training, and networking opportunities that will instill hope and bring wholeness to families within the Loma Linda Filipino Church.

The Vision

  • Collaborative partnership between the church and families

  • The church as a healthy and safe environment for families and its members

  • Strong intergenerational relationships among members of the church

Our core values

  • Family – We identify the needs of families and provide spiritual guidance and church support with Christ in the middle of it all.
  • Worship – We emphasize the importance of family worship and that Christ is at the center of each family.
  • Prayer– We create the church a safe place where families can come and request for divine intervention through intercession and teach families the importance of prayer.
  • Fellowship – We build an environment of love, care, and belonginess among families regardless of age and generation.
  • Preaching and Teaching Scripture – We empower and engage parents and elders to preach and teach the scriptures and its precepts using methods that promotes love and understanding.
  • Team Ministry – We teach and train families to serve the church and community together using their God given talents.
  • Evangelism – We provide families the opportunity to serve the church and community and participate in church evangelistic programs.
  • Stewardship – We remind parents that they are stewards of their children and provide resources to help them become good stewards before God.

How we serve

  • Equip pastors, elders, and ministry leaders to identify the needs of the families and developmental needs of church members

  • Connect families to the church resources provided by the different ministries

  • Strong intergenerational relationships among members of the church

  • Plan and implement trainings that cater to the growth of teens, parents, elders, and other focus groups

  • Partner with ministries in community and worship councils to help encourage families to serve God, serve others, and make disciples