LLFC Bulletin 6/15/24

"Fathers should ... mingle with the children, sympathizing with
them in their little troubles, binding them to their hearts by the
strong bonds of love, and establishing such an influence over their
expanding minds that their counsel will be regarded as sacred....

Upon returning home from his work, fathers should find it a
pleasant change to spend some time with his children. He may take
them into the garden, and show them the opening buds, and the
varied tints of the blooming flowers. Through such mediums he may
give them the most important lessons concerning the Creator, by
opening before them the great book of nature, where the love of
God is expressed in every tree, and flower, and blade of grass. He
may impress upon their minds the fact that if God cares so much
for the trees and flowers, He will care much more for the creatures
formed in His image. He may lead them early to understand that
God wants children to be lovely, not with artificial adornment, but
with beauty of character, the charms of kindness and affection, which
will make their hearts bound with joy and happiness.”

Happy Father’s Day LLFC!

- Pastor Dan Belonio

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