LLFC Bulletin 6/8/24

The month of graduation heralds a crescendo of jubilation,
a medley of reunions, farewells, and the liberating exhale of
relief. Whether it’s the culmination of academic endeavors,
the reprieve from daily school routines, or the respite for
hardworking educators, this moment invites reflection amid
the revelry.

Amidst the peaks and valleys of the academic journey, one
might pause to ponder: did divine providence falter in
permitting certain trials, tribulations, or missteps this year?
Join us in worship this Sabbath as we are reminded of the
steadfast assurance that God’s hand never falters, perhaps
granting us a “”Divine Mulligan””—a chance to recalibrate,
learn, and grow from life’s trials.

Pastor Mark Sigue

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