LLFC Bulletin 6/1/24

Dear Family,

Congratulations to all our graduates and families. As a church,
we celebrate your accomplishments and perseverance to finish
what you have started. Our growing together lesson today
is about Noah building the ark. The Bible states that it may
have taken as long as 120 years for Noah to build an ark. Truly,
he persevered and accomplished his goal as he walked the
graduation ramp into the ark.

Have you ever thought about the “voices” he may have
heard over the years while he was building the ark? For our
graduates, what voices did you hear during your journey?
My prayer is that we become discerning and selective of the
voices we listen to for they will determine our success. I praise
God that as a church who “Loves God, and Loves Others,” we
can use our voices to encourage, lift up, and make a positive
impact in the lives of our community.

Pastor Manny

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