LLFC Bulletin 6/29/24

Trusting through the trials. Abraham’s story is hard to understand or
explain. How can a loving God ask you to sacrifice your son? Many
scholars point out that this was common practice in this time and
culture. I have to admit, regardless of how many times I have heard
this story as a little girl or studied the theological implications as an
adult, the concept leaves me still scratching my head.

Perhaps we take it a step further: think instead of the vast amount
of love God had as He sacrificed his only Son for you and me!
As we read through the story today, may you encounter Jehovah
Jireh — the God who provides.

Today, we celebrate communion. As we come to the table to
remember and acknowledge God’s sacrifice and gift, may you trust
in His provision. May you know that in the midst of the trials you
can trust Jehovah Jireh.

- Pastor Gisella Montana

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