LLFC Bulletin 7/6/24

Dear Family,

Have you ever had a stiff-neck? How difficult was it to move
around or get things done? Normally, a stiff-neck is caused
when one of the muscles becomes strained or tense. It can be
caused by sleeping in an awkward position, muscle injury, or
disease. Stephen called the members of the Synagogue stiff-
necked because of their refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit.
Unfortunately, it ended with his demise.

As a church, it leads me to ask, “How has the Holy Spirit been
leading us; and how have we responded?” Albert Einstein said
that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and
over again and expecting different results.” My prayer is that as
a church and as a people, we are able to discern and are willing
to follow the Lord’s leading in making the changes necessary
to truly “Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples.”

Pastor Manny

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