• I would

• I would like request as I’ve been saying for past few days or so that God make me willing to be willing and willing to cast those burden unto him that are hindering me from following you. (Some days ago, from 12/12/21)

But I would like to ask you what your will for my life is. I’ve been telling you about getting grounded in a direction and the particular direction you have for me and so I ask where that is to head. With things seeming to near to the end, feeling unready and hearing about country living and other that seem to be what those living near the end should be doing, I would like to pray that I can clearly understand these things and they be incorporated in the direction you have for me. You know the worries that come before me with living for you and so lift me out of this trouble and give me help out. (Psalms 40:2)

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