LLFC Bulletin 3/16/24

It has been an exciting second week for our “Revelation of Love” Bible
Seminar. The attendance has grown from 150-180 nightly attendance
including 40-50 attendees from our community. Monday, our meeting
was not only powerful, but it was also a reality. With deep sadness, we
learned of the sudden death of Shirley Guadiz Israel on Sunday. She and
her husband attended the series diligently. Monday, our faithful member
Dayne Fermin died peacefully in her home after 2 years of battle with
cancer. She recently celebrated her 70th birthday. The irony was that our
“Revelation of Love” Bible Seminar’s topic was on death entitled, “The
Loudest Alarm Clock.” That evening, tears were shed as we realized the
frailty of life; but we were encouraged knowing that victory was assured
in Jesus Christ who suffered our eternal death so that we have nothing
to fear.

Today, Pastor David Machado will be speaking on “Revelation’s Saints.”
I have no doubt in my mind that both Shirley and Dayne will be one of
“Revelation’s Saints.” My prayer is that we live a Christ-dependent life
worthy to receive that title.

Trusting in Jesus,
Pastor Manny

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