LLFC Bulletin 4/6/24

Dear Family,

Today, we commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus for us. This musical
drama entitled, “The Crucifixion,” is a result of hundreds of
hours collectively sacrificed by the singers, actors, stage crew,
AV, coordinators, and especially our director Brother Ephraim
Dela Cruz. I thank and praise God for the heart of ministry from
each of them. As you become immersed in the presentation, ask
yourself, “Where do I stand?”

There were the soldiers who ridiculed Him. There were the
crowd and the leaders who realized that Jesus did not meet their
agenda.There were those who believed but chose to deny him
because of fear. And there were a few who never wavered.
Honestly, what would I do if I am condemned for my faith? How
would I react? Many will not hesitate to die for their faith. But I
realize that dying for your faith is a one-time decision.The real
question is, “Am I willing to live for my faith?” Jesus is risen. He is
alive. He may not be here, but He wants to live through us if we
open the door and let Him in

Living 4 Him, Pastor Manny

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